Morning time – first thoughts

Morning time – first thoughts

A new day.
A new day.

A prayer adapted from words of Mother Theresa of Calcutta.


May Peace reign over this day.


I trust in God that I am here, exactly where I am meant to be:

And that I won’t forget the infinite numbers of possibilities which are born through Faith.

And that I will use the gifts I have received and share the Love that has been given to me.

And I am happy to know that I am a child of God and I long for this Presence to live inside my bones and loosen me up and set me free so that I will sing and dance and love and pray…… and enjoy,

With my heart open to each and every person I meet today.

mother T

4 thoughts on “Morning time – first thoughts”

  1. Amen to this, John. Staying in the moment, and believing that you are where you are meant to be is so hard some days, and the words help.

    1. I’m delighted you found me here. Did you all get to Finisterre? I arrived in Santiago on Thursday 6th but had taken the Camino de Invierno from Molinaseca. I will always remember your singing, so clear and beautiful: and the evening prayers in Grañan. You were wonderful, I’m sorry we lost touch. If you put John Mac an Leisdeir into facebook you’ll find me,
      much love,

      1. I’m glad that you remember me.
        I also remember your kindness.

        We were wondering what happend to you that could’t see you anymore in Camino.

        Our wondering has solved that we never met you because you went to Santiago by another way.

        In camino young John , Joy , Oholiab, they also did wonder your news.

        We arrived at Santiago in 7th Nov.
        and not stay in Santiago but go to fisterra.

        We finally have visited fisterra but rain was hard and so cold all day.

        We went to Santiago from fisterra by bus and stayed there for one day.

        We came back to Korea in 14th Nov.

        I am pleased to be able to reach this and I will contact you again. take care 😀


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