The God who makes Love.


Wedding Blessing 

Love-making God, present in you both,

To Whom being-present, each is by grace,

Entwine this couple in your Singleness,

That each may, in union, become much less than now

And each may Be, be more in you and you in They.


God, maker of Love, bless this couple with abundance,

The abundance of Nature, oceans of truth and fearlessness,

Explorers discovering the wildness of over-flowing Life,

Bless them with amazement and in your blinding Light

Seduce and guide them into each and You and Us.


God, lover of all, create with each and both

Make incarnate your design for their together Being

Complete their com-promise.  Imagine what you Will in them

To make substancial  Life and Peace and Home.


God of undescribable Love,

Let Joy be near at hand when Hope is thin or weariness weighs

Grant that endurance, humility, surrender, letting-go and even death

Be known as stepping-stones to more, to harmony to wrapped-round union –

That blending where even Trinity has no inner boundaries,

Where Father is Mother is Child and Spirit, One.


God, who makes us love and loves in us,

Wed us all and bless this couple as a model of your Love

Love which endures all passing imperfections, flaws and trials.

Wed us all to you and bless this couple, your own good children.

We rejoice with You in them and pray that always in each,

together as each, we meet You in them.  Rejoice.