Richard Rohr – Jesus most ignored statement.

Richard Rohr –  Jesus’  offensive and shocking teaching.


I’ve just begun to read “Wild man to Wise man” by Richard Rohr, the Fransiscan priest.  For us in the Rich “North” of the planet it does strike me as scandalous that we can have ignored Jesus’ teaching on wealth so comprehensively.  He was writing pre-Pope Francis.  There are signs that, at last, we may be listening to the gospel.
Here is the quote from ch5 “Wild man to Wise man”  – On Men’s Liberation:




“No wonder Jesus made what is his most ignored statement, and is certainly one of the most offensive and shocking: ‘It is harder for a rich man to know what I am talking about, than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.’  Why don’t popes and priests ever make infallible and doctrinal statements about that?  Maybe because we are rich men ourselves, enjoying too much the fruits of the system that we are supposed to call into question.”